Welcome to our side of things, where we shoot for the moon and play among the stars while we’re at it. We are the underdogs, the visionaries, the big dreamers, and the sometimes misunderstood. Join our tribe and let’s show the world exactly what they’re missing out on.

Where it all started:


BLACKKSTARR was established in 2021 and is already making waves in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Our brand was brought to life in an often misunderstood neighborhood in Amsterdam Southeast. Created by its three founders Refelinio, Jonathan, and Maxwell - BLACKKSTARR is a tribute to creative minds and freethinkers who are often limited by their circumstances or surroundings. 




We exist to inspire.

We want you to leave our space fuelled with creativity and ready to keep creating - whether it’s art, music, fashion - we don’t mind, as long as you create. Now, we know a lot of different people measure success in many different ways, but at BLACKKSTARR we believe that ambition and creativity will get you to the finish line - whatever success may look like to you.



We pride ourselves on being a space where creativity is celebrated and your potential is limitless. We represent those who don’t want to be put into a box, whether it’s for the way they dress, what they do, or who they love - our culture celebrates you and represents those who have been underestimated by society.


Connect with us today and claim your seat around our table, we’ve been saving a seat for you!