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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss... you will still be among the stars.

This is the mantra we hold high for every project we create.
Together with a few beautiful individiuals, we shot this project on a very low budget in our home town of Amsterdam.
The story is about a boy who tries to achieve perfection but instead, learns the value of completion.

Because perfection is not what we seek. What we seek is completion. To finish what we started and be proud of it.
Because in the end we just want to be heard, right?

In this new age, you have the power to do it all.
A word of advice?
Become aware of your potential. Be vigilant of your weaknesses. Remain bold about the goals you want to achieve.

Ambition. Creativity. Succes.

And we will see you among the stars.


Special thanks to everyone that worked on this project.

Cinematography - @Amraxismet || Christopher Lopez
Voice-over - Louis d'Or 2021 Winner || Emmanuel Ohene Boafo
Model 1 - @Marrasovan
Model 2 - @Dayserayann
Model 3 - @Eush03