About BlackKstarr

Blackkstarr Beginnings: Shooting for the moon

They say that great things happen in threes, and that’s exactly how BLACKKSTARR was born.
Fuelled by pure passion and dedicated drive, the brand was brought to life by three companions following their burning desire to empower creative minds and to put a dope spin on the European clothing scene.

The aspirational trio went on to develop three hardcore values that have become the heavy-hitting building blocks of the brand, as each element successfully contributes to the epitome of the brand.


Making waves in the clothing industry, BLACKKSTARR is best defined as a movement rather than a run-of-the-mill clothing line. Based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, this dynamic, ambitious brand stands as an extension of the urban metropole brimming with cutting-edge start-ups and a hyper-creative design scene.

That Blackkstarr Feeling: Making a statement

Clothes have long been used as a canvas to express ourselves and to channel our inner confidence and creativity. That’s why suiting up in BLACKKSTARR apparel is like wearing your heart on your sleeve and speaking your mind from your chest, (or, better yet, donning your own slick Black Panther suit.) Super-creatives, assemble!

From bold basics to uniquely exclusive pieces, we have a passionate belief that our clothing amplifies our potential for success and ambition, further empowering us to become the best versions of ourselves. This is the foundation that informs the core messaging of our BLACKKSTARR mission.

We do more than make you look and feel good, as we’re committed to go beyond aesthetics. We want you to step out into the world, feeling like the best version of yourself, with the confidence to become who you truly are and who you were always meant to be.


The Blackkstarr Community: Breaking Boundaries
We’re here to encourage creative and critical thinking. High on our list is our aim to foster an intrinsic sense of belonging amongst our online audience and fashion peers, continuing the movement towards a more inclusive, expressive and impressive industry. The BLACKKSTARR community consists of artists, creatives, builders and breakers. We are the underdogs, the visionaries, and those who dare to dream big and shoot for the moon. We welcome people from all walks of life into our community, regardless of ethnicity, gender or sexuality. Are you ready to create and aspire together? You can join the BLACKKSTARR movement by contacting us at: info@blackkstarr.com and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

You can also become a part of our social community on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest fashion, lifestyle, and communal content.

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